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At Wogwu Law, we are dedicated to providing compassionate legal support for immigrants all over the country. Our team combines professional knowledge with personal immigration experiences, ensuring a deep understanding of our clients' unique challenges and needs.


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Wogwu Law of San Antonio, can skillfully guide you through the immigration process. In simple terms, we will help you understand how naturalization and U.S. citizenship work, and the steps you must take to qualify. We can explain your options for obtaining a green card or a visa for a family member.

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“I understand that most people can’t afford an attorney, and I care about that. Our prices are moderate, and we offer payment plans to help make services affordable. You will experience our high level of dedication to our work as we give you our full attention, listen closely to your needs, and work hard to satisfy them. We want to establish a relationship of mutual respect with you. And we will treat you with compassion.”

Attorney Lisa Wogwu


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Embark on your immigration journey with Wogwu Law. Let's collaborate to make your dreams a reality – our understanding, your success.


Attorney Wogwu is detailed and upfront about explaining your options. She speaks in everyday language that I can understand. She is honest and easy to talk to—and more importantly, she listens without rushing you. I have no hesitation about trusting her for legal help.

Debra Quailes

Lisa Wogwu is a superstar! She has been working with me for two years in my immigration practice and I have to say she is amazing. She is a wonderful trial attorney, an incredible wordsmith, and a zealous advocate for her clients. I have seen her go out of her way to defend her clients to the utmost. When she prepares packets of documents for submission to USCIS or the immigration court, she takes her time and makes sure they contain everything they need and that they are done correctly. Before each hearing, she reviews the law to make sure her clients have the best defense possible. Finally, she puts ethics and her faith ahead of everything, including herself. In closing, hiring Lisa is not just a good choice, it is the best one!

John Waldron

If you are looking for a compassionate, thorough, and professional Disability attorney, I highly recommend Ms. Wogwu. After years of waiting for a hearing date, Ms. Wogwu made me feel at ease and prepared me on what to expect. Received a fully favorable decision then and there.

Lourdes Rodriguez

My first experience with Ms. Lisa was phenomenal…I found a gem. Although it was just a consultation I tremendously appreciated her personality and knowledge about the immigration process. In my second experience, she again gave me excellent five star service above my expectations and decided to hire/ retain her….I’m grateful to have been able to retain her presence as my lawyer…Thank you for providing me with the necessary information to make an informed decision….you’re definitely a top-notch attorney and I’m so glad I found you.

Sabrina S.

Working with Wogwu law has been amazing. First off let me say that my lawyer Lisa was genuinely concerned about my health and situation. She never treated me as just another opportunity to get a check. They stuck with me and kept fighting until WE WON my disability case! Thank You Wogwu Law.


My journey started in 2006. I will spare you all the details of the long hard road I’ve traveled instead I would like to say how appreciated I am of my lawyer. When I was in doubt of what my life’s future was she assured me that everything was going to be ok and work out. She is a awesome person and I have nothing but gratitude for her. She helped me when I thought I had no clue of where the whole process would lead. She was God sent and truly amazing in her craft. God bless her always!


By far the best service I’ve ever gotten from any law firm. Lisa is simply amazing! She was so knowledgeable and listened to me attentively answering all my questions. If you’re looking for someone who’s on top of their game give Wogwu Law a call now!


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